Testing of Prebiotics in Food

It is very interesting to evaluate the level of the bacterial promoters present in the feed of the human beings. This can be tested by means of two methods. They are in vitro and in vivo methods. The level of the prebiotic bacteria present in the food can accurately obtained by means of in vivo methods, but it had some drawbacks like time consuming and high cost. To overcome those disadvantage, it’s level can be obtained by the help of in vitro methods which is low cost and easy for testing. The least complicated in vitro method was batch methods. In this method the only control that had to be given to the system was temperature. Depending upon the experimental set up the PH and the atmospheric control can vary. The major drawbacks of this method were loss of information and also interaction with the system.

  • Track 1-1 Testing methods
  • Track 2-2 Drawback of in vivo method
  • Track 3-3 Benefits of in vitro method
  • Track 4-4 Setting level in equipment

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