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The word probiotic is derived from the Latin prefix “Pro” meaning “for” and the Greek word “biotics” meaning” bios” or “life”. Probiotics is a live and body’s friendly bacteria that can be found in yogurt, cheese and some other dairy products. It can be used as an antibiotic to reduce or prevent the gastro intestinal tracts side effects due to the intake of medicine. It is also called as “good bacteria” because probiotic is the key responsible to maintain our gut healthier. Probiotics are more likely suggested to help for digestive problems.

Microflora that are responsible for the growth of the undigestible food elements present in the gastrointestinal tract is termed as prebiotic microflora. Prebiotic is used to strengthen the good bacteria which can be previously present in the colon as well as probiotic bacteria.

  • Track 1-1Friendly Microflora
  • Track 1-2Lactobacillus bulgaricus
  • Track 1-3Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Track 1-4Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Track 1-5Lactobacillus brevis
  • Track 1-6Colon bacteria
  • Track 1-7Growth and development of cells

Nourishment is also known as nutrition and is derived from the Latin word “nutrire” meaning to nourish. The process by which absorption and digestion of food and utilization of those food by the human body for the growth and development of cells are termed as nutrition. Large number of probiotics and prebiotics microorganisms are present in the human body such as yeast, bacteria and so on. When these bacteria were taken with the sufficient quantity by the human beings can result in the significant natural contact with the human body and may also give medical advantages.

 In the new born children, the digestive system is free from bacteria and the first two days of their life the intestinal tract was primarily composed of Enterobacteria. Later after breast feeding the gastro intestinal tract of new born baby is composed of Bifidobacteria that can helps them for the growth and the development of cells.

  • Track 2-1Nutrie
  • Track 2-2Medical benefits
  • Track 2-3Enterobacteria
  • Track 2-4Bifidobacteria

The estimation by the World Health organizations (WHO) has showed that 8.1 million of early deaths below 5 years can occur mainly due to the infectious diarrhoea caused by the bacteria. The disease-causing microorganism that is responsible for the diarrhoea is the Rotavirus. The strains present in the probiotics helps to prevent the diarrhoea caused by the Rotavirus. Probiotics genus of Lactobacillus such as L. reuteri, L. acidophilus LB, S. boulardii have the ability to reduce the duration of diarrhoea. The level of cholesterol present in the human body can be reduced by means of probiotics. Rejoining of the bile acids by the probiotics enzyme bile hydrolase can be key responsible for the reduction of the cholesterol level. The probiotics present in the functional food can have the certain health benefits. This can lead to industries creating new healthier food products termed as “Probiotics food products”.

  • Track 3-1Estimation report
  • Track 3-2Infectious disease
  • Track 3-3Health benefits
  • Track 3-4Probiotic food products

The cancer prevention probiotics are yogurt and other fermented milk products that are mainly present in the gastro intestinal tract of the human body. The high fat diet potentially stimulates bile acid turn over and can lead to an increase of bile acids, which affects the metabolism of the bacterial flora. This can lead to use of probiotic bacteria to reduce the risk of cancer. One can able to intake the food containing alive bacteria to make the probiotic bacteria to be effective and it can also have the ability to maintain the severe condition of the gastro intestinal tract.

  • Track 4-1Stimulation of bile acid
  • Track 4-2Usage of prebiotic microflora
  • Track 4-3Intake of prebiotic meals
  • Track 4-4Managing gastro intestinal tract

The most suitable body site for the pathogenic microorganisms and the viable material is the gastro intestinal tract. The gut-associated lymphatic tissues (GALT) play a major role in both local and systemic immunological responses. Long term feeding experiment helps to determine the immunological effects on the probiotic bacteria. The probiotic bacteria have the capacity to give rise to the immune system under some pathogenic conditions. The probiotic bacteria used to show the immunological effect was Lactobacillus species and later Bifidobacterium genus has been used, which showed the positive effect on the immune response associated with the probiotic bacteria. The primary organ of the immune system is called as innate immune system which is the principal system for having immunological effects on the probiotic bacteria and it is mediated by monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells.

  • Track 5-1Gastro intestinal tract
  • Track 5-2Gut Associated Lympatic Tissue
  • Track 5-3Systemic immune response
  • Track 5-4Usage of probiotic bacteria
  • Track 5-5pathological conditions
  • Track 5-6Innate immune system

The foreign microorganism has the potential benefits by means of probiotic microflora. The probiotic benefits had been regarded only by means of the strains of probiotic bacteria but not by the whole group of probiotic microflorae. The fermented food products are being made up of probiotic bacteria which can assist the human beings to maintain their health. The probiotic bacteria present in the gastrointestinal tracts of animals plays a key role in normal digestive processes and in maintaining the animal’s health. The more beneficial the probiotic bacteria are, the more “fertile” the soil is. The breakdown of the organic matter into smaller usable parts can happen due to the probiotic bacteria. Utilization of the lower amount of the chemical fertilizers can be done if their will be soil containing probiotic bacteria. The biocontrol agents for plants benefit was due to the presence of the bacteria.

  • Track 6-1Exogenous substance
  • Track 6-2Strains of probiotic microorganism
  • Track 6-3Human benefits
  • Track 6-4Soil benefits
  • Track 6-5Plant benefits

Research had been undergone to reduce the food poisoning by means of feeding the probiotic microflora. The main reason for the intake of food is not only for nourishment but also for the growth of the pathogenic microflora. To carry out the strength of the probiotics bacteria multiple strain combinations were used. Thousand different types of microorganisms were present in the gastro intestinal tract which can be responsible for the digestion process and for the reduction of the food poisoning. This can happen due to the presence of the probiotics microorganisms or feeding of the probiotics bacteria which can stimulate the endogenous substances.

Probiotics using nanotechnology is the future aspects and their applications can help for the better improvement of the agricultural sector. The interaction with the receptor molecules present in the gut region is due to the technique known as nanoencapsulation. This nano encapsulated probiotic bacteria have the capability to modulate the immune response of the system.

  • Track 7-1Reduction of food poisoining
  • Track 7-2Digestion process
  • Track 7-3Probiotics by nanotechnology
  • Track 7-4Strengthening of agricultural sector

Scientifically it had been noted that the friendly bacteria or the probiotics bacteria was used to treat the aliment or disease. The most commonly used microflora was the genus Lactobacillus and that to have to been reviewed in the current literature survey. Several actions had been postulated such as formation of the anti-microbial agents, digestion for the milk and sugar and so on. Patient’s with inflammatory diseases and paediatric diarrhoea had showed the clear proof for the use of probiotic bacteria in the medical field for treating the above mentioned aliment. Recent analysis showed that the use of probiotic bacteria can have the significant improvement in sexually transmitted disease.

  • Track 8-1Treatment of diseases
  • Track 8-2Reduction of aliment

Currently more research had been undergone to know how the health of the gut bacteria can affect the rest of the body parts. To undergo this the most preferable thing is the probiotics and prebiotics bacteria. Our stomach contains trillion number of bacteria and bacteria promoters, but due to the consumption of alcohol can alter the natural activity of the bacteria present in the gastro intestinal tract. The wall of the intestine can be strengthened by means of the friendly bacteria present in the stomach and that can lead to reduce the weight of the human being. The ingestion of the probiotic bacteria can relief the human being from nervousness and some sort of worry. Mixed carbohydrates that can occur naturally in the feed of the human beings are known as prebiotic and probiotic bacteria. Researchers discovered that the bacteria present in the gut can have the capacity to handle the high blood pressure and took steps to reduce it.

  • Track 9-1Reduction of obesity
  • Track 9-2Relief from stress
  • Track 9-3Reduce blood pressure

The bacteria promoters had been classified into two types they are: fructans and Galacto Oligo Saccharides (GOS). Fructans is also known as Fructo Oligo Saccharides which can be found in the asparagus, soybeans and so on. This sugar can further be used in the manufacturing process of tablets. The beneficial effects of the fructans sugar was reduction in tumour, a prebiotic effect, increases the mineral absorption and reductions in the cholesterol level. The increase in the frequency deposition can be mainly due to the intake of the fructans sugar and can have the very effective power for the children at the early stage of their life. Galacto Oligo Saccharides were commonly present in the human milk which can be produced from the lactose sugar.

  • Track 10-1Fructans
  • Track 10-2Galacto Oligo saccharides
  • Track 10-3Beneficial effects
  • Track 10-4Man kind benefits

Prebiotics microbes should possess the three aspects to furnish the favourable micro organisms present in the colon. At first it can have the capacity to tolerate the synthetic conditions of the gastro intestinal tract. Secondly, there should have the fermentation ability of the bacteria present in the colon. At last the bacterial promoters can have the significant health benefits. Inulin, Fructo Oligo Saccharide and Galacto Oligo Saccharides  are some of the commonly used prebiotics bacteria. It can also have the capability to reduce constipation, diarrhoea and so on.

  • Track 11-1Aspects of Prebiotic Bacteria
  • Track 11-2Name of Prebiotic Bacteria
  • Track 11-3Prebiotic Microflora Capability

It is very interesting to evaluate the level of the bacterial promoters present in the feed of the human beings. This can be tested by means of two methods. They are in vitro and in vivo methods. The level of the prebiotic bacteria present in the food can accurately obtained by means of in vivo methods, but it had some drawbacks like time consuming and high cost. To overcome those disadvantage, it’s level can be obtained by the help of in vitro methods which is low cost and easy for testing. The least complicated in vitro method was batch methods. In this method the only control that had to be given to the system was temperature. Depending upon the experimental set up the PH and the atmospheric control can vary. The major drawbacks of this method were loss of information and also interaction with the system.

  • Track 12-1Testing methods
  • Track 12-2Drawback of in vivo method
  • Track 12-3Benefits of in vitro method
  • Track 12-4Setting level in equipment

The man-made food source that can be considered healthier for the pregnant women was the bacterial promoters. Feeding of prebiotics bacteria at the time of pregnancy can reduce the allergic reaction of the new born babies and reduce the infectious caused by the premature birth of the baby. At the time of pregnancy there occurs difficulties in digestion for the period or prolonged periods. This can be overcame by means of feeding food containing prebiotic bacteria. It is revealed that the growth of the maternity depends upon the development of the womb as well as baby’s growth. From this it had been understood that bacterial promoters plays an important role at the time of pregnancy.

  • Track 13-1 Healthy food for pregnant women
  • Track 13-2Advantage of prebiotic bacteria
  • Track 13-3Prebiotics in womb

To support immune system and to strengthen the digestive system it is necessary to feed prebiotic supplements along with the probiotic bacteria. It is used as substrate to encourage the growth of the probiotic bacteria. The amount of the probiotic bacteria in the digestive system can be improved by means of taking the bacterial promoters supplements. The widely used prebiotic supplement was inulin. The main reason for the intake of this prebiotic supplement was to create a positive balance in the digestive system.

  • Track 14-1Need of prebiotic
  • Track 14-2Prebiotic role in digestive system
  • Track 14-3Benefits of prebiotic supplement

For the better understanding for the stakeholder’s unique explanation had been created for the prebiotic bacteria. This can help to reduce confusion among the stake holders and the health care people. To avoid mis usage of this term stake holders can be guided to use the terms properly and effectively. Scientist have the responsibility to know the recent innovation that were undergone by the term bacterial promoters or prebiotic bacteria.  To effectively evaluate the individual prebiotic bacteria, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to maintain the balance between the safety and the healthier benefits.

  • Track 15-1Need for guidance
  • Track 15-2Guidance to Stake holders
  • Track 15-3Guidance to consumers
  • Track 15-4Guidance to scientist